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25 July 2008 @ 03:51 pm
Not Dead, Just Dreaming  

I’m not dead, just floating… Points to whomever can tell me who sings that. So yes, I am still alive, and I’ve made a point to myself that I will log into Live Journal more and I will indeed post. Once a week at least. I don’t journal for the comments, or the people, I journal to keep track of my life, the things that I thought good enough to record, or the moments worthy of remembering. Journaling is a way for me to evaluate myself, my moods, my life and my dreams. It had become a chore for a while, but I think I’m ready to come back to the fold (as it were).

My week has been good, though I've experienced a return of the rock hard neck and shoulder muscles. Lyrica worked very well for me and my Fibromyalgia, so well that I was able to go off for almost two whole months! What a relief it was to feel human again, and without pills that make me dizzy. I’m not doing so hot again though so… I picked up my prescription last night and I took my second dose today. Yesterday I took my last "old" dose and was completely bombed with dizziness, like you'd think I was drunk when I was trying to talk. Way to go! I explained it to AMO (my boss, Ann Marie) but dude, I was weird. Guess I'm back on the bus for a while.

I haven’t spoken about this before because in some ways I’m afraid of saying something and then failing, but I’m going to learn the harp. There is a teacher down the street from me, and I’ve tried his. Celtic, or Folk harps, are very ergonomic for me and it doesn’t appear that it will stress my body. I placed my order for the Flatsicle (has levers and plays in 8 keys because of it without retuning strings), with gig bag, and I'm very excited about it. Blue was great about giving me some feedback about her Harpsicle, thanks Blue! I’ve always dreamed of learning one of three instruments, since I was a child. I wanted to play either the harp, the guitar, or the piano. A piano isn’t going to happen, the guitar leaves me in pain… but the harp? I think we can do this.

I do insane amounts of research when I'm interested in something, be it a camera or a car, and I've found some good resources that review and recommend books etc. for beginners. Turns out the books I'd picked out on Amazon were highly recommended on this one website too. I still wish I had a good dvd to follow along with, but they are really expensive so I'll start with the book. One is a learn to book, the other is 'easy Celtic songs'. What's really cool is that because of Youtube, I can look up any song I'm learning and hear what it's supposed to sound like, especially the more popular standards. I’m torn between the Celtic and the Renaissance one, ah!

Sunday is the spin-in at Great Barrington, wherein I will spend the day with my friend Jess, and spin away the hours at "Old Egremont Day". Hey, free food from the Fire Dept. (her honey’s a member) and I get to spin? I’m down with that. I have to be at Jess's house by 9:30, the event starts at 10:30. It'll be a great opportunity to finish off the fiber I’m spinning for Mom’s "Wedding Vow Renewal Shawl" (WVRS) and start on a colored roving, or maybe I'll navajo ply the bastard. We'll see. I’m very glad that mom realizes how much work spinning this yarn is, and we haven’t even gotten to knitting the enormous shawl yet. Gadzooks, this is love!

Saturday Steve and I are cleaning the bedroom, yay. I look forward to seeing many bags of excess clothing and shoes leaving my domicile. I'm planning big things in the getting rid of crap arena. That spare room will be *mine*. That's right, I'll keep telling myself that. I have already figured out where the crafting table will go, as well as the sewing machine station. Imagine, not mucking up the dining room table because I have my own space? Yes, as soon as I get rid of years of rat-packed items in boxes and piles. I shall dream of a craft room that allows me the freedom and space to create, with music and a closed door if need be.

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