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10 November 2008 @ 05:50 pm
DOOM - DOOM - DOOM! (aka The Dentist)  
I have a secret… I’m afraid of the dentist. Seriously, truly – afraid. I’ve not taken the best care of my teeth in the past, and couple that with a resistance to pain medication I’ve avoided the dentist for more years (keep going, and going) than I care to recount in public. A raging toothache landed me in my husband’s dentist’s office on Friday. When I was greeted by the receptionist I promptly burst into a 2-second bout of tears, I was so scared. The receptionist was very nice, reminding me that paperwork doesn’t bite and it would all be ok. When the tech came to get me and introduced herself, I stared at her and her outstretched hand like she was an alien, blinking in slow motion. Finally I slowly reached out to shake her hand. The receptionist whispered "she's REALLY scared" and the tech said "don't worry, we'll take good care of you". I unfroze from there and followed. 

Long story short, I have quite a few small cavities to deal with, but the big issue is that I need a root canal. I’ve never been scared so bad in my life, and I have a feeling when I finally go in for the procedure that I’ll be more scared than when I went in for surgery to have my gallbladder removed. At least then I knew I wouldn’t feel anything, I was just embarrassed that strangers - including a mom of someone I went to school with who was rather nasty to me at times (not that that matters now) - were going to see me naked like a beached whale. Ugh. I’m going to stop now and just ask that you wish me luck when I go in.  
Current Music: "Something I Can Never Have" - Nine Inch Nails